Friday, December 10, 2010

But how do we properly receive God's Word?

Today's Reflections:

But how do we properly receive God's Word? We can only receive God's Word if we get rid of sin and humbly open our hearts to His grace. We have to remove the filthiness of our old life by repenting of our sins and firmly resolving to nurture and nourish our hearts with what is of our Lord. We can have God's Word permanently domiciled and active in our hearts if we seriously seek spiritual growth and welcome God's Word even though it may mean being pruned and purified in fire.

Receiving God's Word and heeding it means we have to reflect on it and apply it to our lives. To hear God's Word and not do anything about it is to regress spiritually, which is the exact opposite of what our Lord wants from us. Receiving God's Word does not only mean storing it in our memory bank but implies we have to respond to it and follow what it says.

God's Word has to be lived if we claim our oneness with Him. But quite a number have their minds all made up about certain things. How open are we to the truth that can set us free?

We have to claim God's Word seriously and make it a distinct and integral part of our existence, until the truth our Lord wishes to bring us is deeply imbedded in our hearts. It is only at this point when we can claim God's mighty promises to His people. It is only then that we can experience the transforming power of our Lord, live according to His will and move forward to becoming truly like Christ and being more like the child of the Father that we all have hoped to be. It is the only way we can be gracious, thankful and fruitful, the only way we can rid ourselves of negativity and make our hearts grateful for what all that may come our way.

"Those who follow you, Lord, will have the light of life. He is like a tree planted near running water that yields its fruit in due season and whose leaves never fade. Whatever he does, prospers."


God's Word should be applied to our lives. We should delight in the law of the Lord and meditate on His law day and night.


Heavenly Father, give me the grace to be truly obedient to your Word no matter how difficult it may be. In Jesus, I pray. Amen.


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